The Union and The Foundation

The ACLU of Louisiana is comprised of two separate corporate entities, the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana (Union) and the ACLU Foundation of Louisiana (Foundation). It is necessary for us to have two separate corporations in order to do the broad range of work in protecting civil liberties. This website uses the term "ACLU" to refer to both corporations. The "Union" is our membership arm, which issues a membership card. Union members automatically belong both to the National ACLU and to the ACLU of their home state. The "Foundation" is not a membership organization but conducts important work to further civil liberties.

Federal law limits the extent to which the Foundation may engage in lobbying activities, because donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. Union membership dues support lobbying and its related work. Most of our litigation, public education and outreach, and communication efforts are the work of the Foundation.

You can make a contribution to the Union, the Foundation, or both. Each organization only uses the funds contributed to it directly to fund its specific work as part of our overall mission.

Only donations to the Foundation are tax deductible; membership dues are not. We encourage all of our supporters to become both Union members and Foundation donors, so that we can continue to advance civil liberties.