2017 Press Releases

6.20.2017 Court Affirms First Amendment Rights of Panhandlers
6.8.2017 Historic Criminal Justice Reforms Approved by Louisiana Lawmakers
5.25.2017 Open Letter Regarding Confederate Monument at Caddo Parish Courthouse
5.15.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Sues Orleans District Attorney for Failure to Comply with Public Records Law
5.9.2017 ACLU Issues Texas ‘Travel Advisory’
5.2.2017 Statement In Anticipation of DOJ Report on Alton Sterling’s Death
4.18.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Response to Orleans DA Regarding Jailing Rape Survivors for Refusal to Testify
4.4.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Reminds State Educators of Equal Rights for Students
4.3.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Honors Women's Activist Deon Haywood with Ben Smith Award
3.29.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Sues to Protect Right to Photograph Police
2.22.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Responds to Report of Locked Courtroom in Lafayette
2.9.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Files Brief In Support of Immigrants’ Right to Marry
2.2.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Files Demands for Documents on Implementation of Trump’s Immigration Ban
2.1.2017 ACLU of Louisiana Statement of Support for Muslims in Louisiana
1.11.2017 Slidell Agrees to Temporary Suspension of Panhandling Ordinance