2016 Press Releases

12.20.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Sends Open Letter Regarding Religious Display at Grant Parish Courthouse
12.20.2016 Slidell Residents Sue to Block Panhandling Permit Requirement
11.29.2016 Baton Rouge Law Enforcement Settles With Grassroots and Advocacy Groups to Provide More Protection for Protests
11.10.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Reaffirms Call For Rejection of Anti-Muslim Bigotry
11.10.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Condemns Anti-Muslim Assault in Lafayette
10.24.2016 Statement on Proposed Slidell Panhandling Ordinance
10.12.2016 Disastrous Toll of Drug Use Criminalization
10.11.2016 Open Letter Regarding Slidell Panhandling Ordinance
10.10.2016 Federal Court Blocks Louisiana’s Online Age-Verification Law for Violating First Amendment
09.26.2016 ACLU of Louisiana to Present Panel on Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts
09.24.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on 'Flag Desecration' Arrest in Lafayette
09.22.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Stands With Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
09.15.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Reminds School Districts of Students' First Amendment Rights
09.08.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Arrest in New Orleans
08.02.2016 ACLU of Louisiana seeks survivor benefits for husband of deceased man
07.18.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Condemns Attacks on Police in Baton Rouge
07.15.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Response to DA’s Announcement Regarding Protesters’ Charges
07.14.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on Protester Litigation Hearing
07.13.2016 Local groups and ACLU of Louisiana Sue Baton Rouge Police for First Amendment Violations at Alton Sterling Protest
07.11.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Responds to Police Misconduct and Excessive Use of Force at Baton Rouge Protests
07.06.2016 ACLU Statement on Alton Sterling
06.27.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Hails Supreme Court Decision Affirming Women's Right to Abortion Access
06.21.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on Orleans Parish Prison Settlement
05.26.2016 Louisiana LGBT Advocates Respond to Attorney General’s Opinion and Lawsuit Regarding Transgender Students
04.18.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on Lafayette Schools’ Pledge Policy
04.13.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Statement on Equal Opportunity and NonDiscrimination Order
04.13.2016 ACLU of Louisiana Reminds School Districts of Equal Rights for Students
03.21.2016 ACLU of Louisiana to Honor Activist Julie Schwam Harris
03.16.2016 ACLU Will Host Religious Liberty Event in New Orleans, Lafayette
01.15.2016 ACLU Sues Over Public Defender Shortage and Resulting Wait List in New Orleans