2013 Press Releases

08.02.2013: Clinton, LA Revokes Unlawful Curfew After ACLU Lawsuit

Clinton residents are again free to be out at night

NEW ORLEANS—Days after being sued for the unlawful curfew that made town residents prisoners of their homes, leaders of the town of Clinton, LA have revoked the adult curfew and agreed to restore the freedom of movement to those living or visiting in the community.

US District Judge Brian Jackson ordered the town to respond to the ACLU's lawsuit by close of business on Thursday, August 1. Instead, on July 31 the town council revoked the curfew, allowed the court deadline to pass, and agreed to reimburse the ACLU of Louisiana the sum of $637.30 in costs for filing and serving the lawsuit.

Clinton is the second Louisiana community sued by the ACLU over an unlawful curfew affecting adults. The city of Ville Platte recently settled a similar lawsuit, at a cost to town taxpayers of $16,893.48 for attorneys' fees and court costs. "Communities around Louisiana must understand that they may not interfere with the right of their residents or guests to be out at any time they choose," said ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie R. Esman. "After two lawsuits, it's time for Louisiana to get the message. The government has no right to keep people indoors against their will, no matter what time of day."