2011 Press Releases

12.22.2011 ACLU Says NOPD Taser Practice Violates Constitutional Rights
11.10.2011 Court Affirms Prisoner's Right to Religious Publication
11.4.2011 Confederate Flag Removed from Outside Louisiana Courthouse
10.21.2011 Facebook Post Is Free Speech, Says ACLU
10.10.2011 Don Hubbard, Civil Rights Leader and Champion of Desegregation, To Receive Award from ACLU of Louisiana
10.6.2011 Ville Platte Suspends Curfew After ACLU Files Suit
10.5.2011 Ville Platte Curfew Violates First Amendment Rights, Says ACLU
9.8.2011 Louisiana Supreme Court Recognizes that Presence of Confederate Flag Outside Caddo Parish Courthouse Might be Offensive
8.15.2011 ACLU Sues To Protect First Amendment Rights on the Internet
8.9.2011 ACLU Report Highlights Ways to Reduce State Budgets and Prison Populations
6.20.2011 ACLU Hails Louisiana Legislature for Passing Bill Aimed at Reducing Elderly Prisoner Population
6.7.2011 ACLU Asks Lafayette Parish To Protect Religious Freedom
5.26.2011 Joint Statement to Officials of Bastrop High School Regarding Prayer at Graduation Ceremonies
5.20.2011 ACLU Urges Bastrop High School to Keep Graduation Prayer Free
4.13.2011 Court Order Ensures Treatment for Prisoners WIth Disabilities
4.12.2011 ACLU Asks LA To Clarify That New Mothers Do Not Need To Sacrifice Privacy To Obtain Birth Certificates
4.5.2011 ACLU Seeks Records On Rapides Parish Display
3.31.2011 ACLU Sues to Protect Native American Student's Religious Freedom
3.28.20111 Louisiana School to Permit Female Student to Wear Tuxedo to Prom
3.22.2011 DeSoto Parish Student Punished for Gay-Friendly T-Shirt Message
3.18.2011 Native American Student Suspended for Refusal to Cut Hair
3.17.2011 Statement on US Department of Justice Report Regarding NOPD Practices
3.15.2011 NOPD's First Amendment Training Documents Requested By ACLU
1.25.2011 Prisoner With Mental Illness Sues Jail for Grossly Inadequate Treatment
1.12.2011 Facebook Site Is Free Speech, Says School Board
1.10.2011 ACLU Requests Data Regarding Proposed Expansion Of Rapides Parish Jail
1.7.2011 ACLU Seeks Help For Man Held In Inhumane Conditions
1.5.2011 ACLU Seeks Sheriff's Studies On Prison Expansion
1.3.2011 ACLU Seeks Records on School Practice of Handcuffing Children