2010 Press Releases

12.20.2010 ACLU Submits Brief Urging Fair Issuance of Birth Certificate To Adopted Child Of Gay Couple
12.2.2010 Leah Chase, Civil Rights Leader, To Receive Award From ACLU of Louisiana
11.30.2010 Reporter Gains Access to Report from Angola Prison
11.3.2010 ACLU Seeks Sheriff's Records Related To FEMA Funding Of Orleans Parish Prison Expansion
10.28.2010 ACLU Seeks FEMA Records Related To Proposed Expansion Of Orleans Parish Prison
10.22.2010 ACLU Urges Livingston Parish to Leave Halloween Alone
10.6.2010 ACLU Joins City Council In Commending Forum for Equality
10.6.2010 ACLU Seeks Records On NOPD Practice Of "Stop and Identify"
10.5.2010 ACLU Challenges Louisiana School Sex-Segregation Program Before Federal Appeals Court
10.4.2010 ACLU, Brennan Center Reports Expose Resurgence Of Debtors' Prisons
9.23.2010 FIRE and ACLU of Louisiana Joint Statement Regarding Grambling State University's Response
9.22.2010 ACLU Advises Grambling State University To Respect Students' Free Speech
9.13.2010 One Year After Justice Department Letter, No Changes At Orleans Parish Prison
9.7.2010 Government Should Not Dictate Clothing Styles, Says ACLU
8.24.2010 St. Tammany Sheriff Issues New Policies for Suicidal Prisoners
8.10.2010 Federal Court Orders Louisiana to Provide Mental Health Care for Pretrial Detainees
7.29.2010 ACLU Hires Field Organizer In Shreveport
7.13.2010 ACLU Welcomes New Coast Guard Rules For Media Access To Oil Spill
7.9.2010 ACLU Responds To St. Tammany Sheriff: Cages Aren't Humane
7.8.2010 ACLU Demands St. Tammany Sheriff Stop Treating Suicidal Prisoners Like Animals
7.1.2010 As Holiday Weekend Approaches, ACLU of LA Issues Alert to State Residents Traveling to Arizona
6.30.2010 New Orleans City Council Urged To Evaluate Criminal Justice Needs Before Approving Prison
6.28.2010 ACLU Reminds Law Enforcement To Respect Media And Public Access to BP Oil Spill
6.16.2010 City Council To Vote On Expansion Of Largest Per-Capita Jail In America
6.14.2010 ACLU Calls On City To Halt Sheriff's Plan To Expand Largest Per Capita Jail In America
6.8.2010 ACLU Urges New Orleans Police Department To Conduct First Amendment Training
5.6.2010 ACLU Urges City of Thibodaux to Allow Political Signs
5.4.2010 Prisoner Punished For Writing Complaints Is Vindicated by ACLU
4.12.2010 Advocacy Center Sues to Ensure Mental Health Care for Prisoners
3.31.2010 Judge Rules State of Louisiana Cannot Ban Religious Publication
3.22.2010 ACLU Reminds Louisiana Schools of Equal Rights At School Dances
3.12.2010 South Lafourche High School Holds First GSA Meeting
3.11.2010 ACLU: Order Removing Satirical Article From Website Unconstitutional
3.4.2010 ACLU Calls on Nagin and Riley To Release Records Sought By Inspector General
2.24.2010 Hearing Begins On Sex Segregated Public School In Louisiana
2.18.2010 Federal Appeals Court Tells Louisiana To Issue Birth Certificate To Adopted Child Of Gay Couple
2.5.2010 Lousiana High School Punishes Student For Wearing Indianapolis Colts Jersey
1.27.2010 U.S. Participates In United Nations Human Rights Review Process
1.14.2010 ACLU Gives Award to Larry Bagneris, Lifetime Champion of Civil Rights & Liberties
1.8.2010 Angola Prisoner Released From Solitary Confinement After ACLU UrgingĀ