2010 Press Releases

5.6.2010: ACLU Urges City of Thibodaux to Allow Political Signs

Today the ACLU of Louisiana urges the City of Thibodaux to cease enforcement of a 1992 ordinance prohibiting political signs on private property more than 120 days before an election. This ordinance, in violation of the First Amendment right to free speech, was cited against Thibodaux resident Harley Gros, who erected a sign in front of his house supporting a candidate running against the incumbent mayor of Thibodaux..

In a letter to the Thibodaux City Council, ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie R. Esman said: "Mr. Gros, like anyone else in the United States, has the Constitutional right to display any sign on his property, and particularly political signs because of the extreme importance of the right of political speech."

"Free political speech is a fundamental right that cannot be taken away without a compelling governmental interest," said Esman. "In a free country, everyone must have the right to express their opinions. Any restriction of that right is censorship of the kind seen in repressive governments, not in an open democracy like ours."

A copy of the open letter may be foundĀ here.