2009 Press Releases

12.21.2009 ACLU Praises Shreveport for Nondiscrimination Ordinance
12.14.2009 ACLU Announces Newly Elected Board Members
12.3.2009 ACLU Speaks Out Against School "Pushout"
12.3.2009 ACLU To Argue Friday For Kindergartener's Right To Religious Expression: Texas School District Suspended American Indian Student For Having Long Hair
11.5.2009 NOPD Violates Public's First Amendment Rights: ACLU Urges NOPD to Provide Officer Training
10.30.2009 ACLU Urges Resolution Of Problems At Orleans Parish Prison
10.23.2009 Rally for Equality at New Orleans City Hall
10.15.2009 ACLU Demands Investigation of Justice of Peace for Refusal to Perform Interracial Marriages
10.1.2009 Records Suggest Racial Profiling In Homer And Claiborne Parish
9.22.2009 DOJ Investigation Finds Conditions At Orleans Parish Prison Unconstitutional
9.18.2009 ACLU Protects Teenager's Right To Keep Hair Style
9.8.2009 ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging Illegal Sex Segregation In Louisiana Public School
8.21.2009 ACLU Ensures Equal Education For Girls And Boys In Vermilion Parish
7.23.2009 Thibodaux High Student's First Amendment Rights Secured
7.8.2009 ACLU Fights For Prisoner Punished For Exercising Freedom Of Speech
7.7.2009 ACLU Urges Federal Appeals Court To Require Louisiana To Issue Birth Certificate To Adopted Child Of Gay Couple
7.2.2009 ACLU Sues District Attorney For Return of Firearm
7.1.2009 ACLU Secures Prisoner's Right To Practice Catholic Faith
6.30.2009 New Report Documents Racial Profiling In Louisiana ACLU Secures Prisoner's Right To Practice Catholic Faith
6.18.2009 ACLU Secures Victory for Freedom of Speech
6.10.2009 ACLU Questions Proposed Regulations Implementing Anti-Evolution Louisiana Science Education Act
6.9.2009 ACLU of Louisiana Sues over Access to Counsel
5.29.2009 Unconstitutional Teacher Drug Testing Policy Brought To Halt In Baton Rouge
5.15.2009 ACLU Supports Religious Speech in Breaux Bridge
5.4.2009 ACLU of Louisiana Urges Rapides Parish Police Jury Not to Adopt Resolution Concerning Marriage
4.28.2009 ACLU Seeks To End Rapes In Orleans Parish Prison
4.22.2009 Man Jailed for E-mails Sent to Newspapers; ACLU Files Suit
3.18.2009 ACLU of Louisiana Urges Homer Chief of Police to Retract Racist Statement
2.9.2009 ACLU of Louisiana's Education and Outreach Coordinator in North Louisiana for Darwin Day Events
2.5.2009 ACLU of Louisiana Fights for Catholic and Muslim Prisoners' Right To Worship Freely At Angola State Prison
1.28.2009 Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff Relents in Attempt to Get $1.75 Million for Public Records
1.23.2009 ACLU Enters Federal Lawsuit To Protect Right To Controversial Speech
1.22.2009 ACLU Supports City of New Orleans' Domestic Partner Registry
1.15.2009 ACLU Calls on Sheriff Gusman To Improve Medical Intake
1.15.2009 Second Federal Court In Two Weeks Halts Suspicionless Drug Testing of Teachers
1.14.2009 Schools Must Allow Talk About Obama's Inauguration, Says ACLU
1.6.2009 ACLU Gives Award to Norris Henderson, Advocate for Safe Streets