2008 Press Releases

12.29.2008 Federal Court Halts Random Drug Testing of West Virginia Teachers
12.22.2008 ACLU Joins Louisiana Teachers in Effort to Halt Unconstitutional Drug Testing
12.16.2008 ACLU Lawsuit Gets Prisoner's Extended Sentence Reduced
12.11.2008 Louisiana Has Highest Incarceration Rate In the World; ACLU Seeks Changes
11.21.2008 Victory For Native American Religious Freedom
11.10.2008 ACLU Defends Prisoner Punished for Writing A Complaint
11.6.2008 ACLU Urges Inclusion For All Types Of Families
10.29.2008 ACLU Asks Lafourche Parish Council not to Request Teacher Drug Tests
10.10.2008 Man Arrested at Home after Katrina Allowed to Proceed with Lawsuit
9.25.2008 ACLU of Louisiana Opposes Rep. LaBruzzo
8.26.2008 ACLU Calls on Governor Jindal to Renew Employment Protections
8.8.2008 ACLU Releases Report on Racial Profiling in Louisiana
7.23.2008 Judge Awards ACLU Fees For Lawsuit Over Jesus Picture In Courthouse
7.16.2008 ACLU Seeks Investigation Into Tasing Death In Winnfield
7.15.2008 ACLU Applauds Pro-Democracy Move in Louisiana
7.8.2008 ACLU Asks School Board Not to Adopt Unconstitutional Policy on Prayer
6.12.2008 ACLU Denounces Passage of "SCIENCE EDUCATION" BILL
6.4.2008 ACLU Files Brief in Defense of Religious Speech
4.22.2008 Court Agrees Public Schools Cannot Hand Out Bibles to Students
4.16.2008 Court Rules Slidell Jesus Picture Unconstitutional
3.17.2008 Judge Rules that Prisoner Abandoned and Stabbed during Katrina Will Have His Day in Court
3.10.2008 ACLU Addresses Louisiana Attorney General Caldwell on Cocaine Sentencing
2.29.2008 ACLU Sues Tangipahoa Parish School Board for Seventh Time
2.22.2008 ACLU of Louisiana Staff Attorney Katie Schwartzmann Testifies Before the U.N. on Racial Justice
2.6.2008 Court Orders NOPD to Honor Parade Permit for Second Liners
1.18.2008 ACLU's Lawsuit Prompts New Jail in Acadia Parish