2008 Press Releases

2.6.2008: Court Orders NOPD to Honor Parade Permit for Second Liners

 NEW ORLEANS - The Second Line Task Force and its President, Tamara Jackson, today obtained an order from the US District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, forcing the New Orleans Police Department to honor the  permit it issued last August for a parade on Lundi Gras day.  Relying on the permit, the Second Liners hired bands and made other arrangements, only to have the permit revoked last week by the NOPD.

The ACLU of Louisiana sued to enforce the permit, and today Judge Carl Barbier agreed with the Second Liners that the city has a duty to honor the permit it granted five months ago.   

"We tried to work this out without going to court," said ACLU staff attorneyKatie Schwartzmann.  "We regret that we were forced to sue the City to honor its prior commitment to allow the second line to go forward. However, it was important that they be made to comply with the First Amendment.

ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman said "We understand and appreciate the police protection for the Second Liners and the rest of us during this Mardi Gras weekend.  We are pleased that the NOPD will now provide the protection that the Second Liners deserve as they uphold their valuable traditions and contributions to the culture of our community."

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