2006 Press Releases

12.20.2006 Jefferson Parish School Policy Limits Students' Access to Public Library After School; ACLU Requests Change in Policy
12.16.2006 Appeals Court Finds Tangipahoa School Board Improperly Engaged in Sectarian Prayer During Meetings
12.15.2006 Gretna Bridge Incident: ACLU Seeks Public Records from Attorney General Foti
12.13.2006 Jefferson Parish red light cameras unfair to motorists, legally questionable
11.16.2006 ACLU Suit Challenges Unfair Permit Schemes and City and State Fees Required of Second Line Groups to Parade
11.13.2006 ACLU Hails Victory For Christian Protestor
10.27.2006 ACLU Files Suit to Protect Free Speech Rights of Christian Protestor and Overturn Natchitoches Ordinance Requiring Permit for Such Activity
10.3.2006 ACLU Pleased with Settlement in Student Teacher Case
9.19.2006 New Orleans Police Department Refuses to Provide Public Records on Racial Profiling and Excessive Force Complaints
8.23.2006 Facing ACLU Lawsuit, City of New Orleans and Mayor Nagin Back Away from Katrina Prayer
8.10.2006 ACLU Report Documents Thousands Trapped in Flooded Orleans Parish Prison for Days Without Food, Water During Katrina
8.3.2006 ACLU Wins Major Lawsuit Against Sex-Segregated School in Louisiana
8.2.2006 ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Sex-Segregated School in Louisiana
7.31.2006 Single Sex School in Louisiana Denies Girls and Boys Same Educational Opportunities
7.28.2006 Open Letter to St. Bernard Parish President Henry Rodriguez Regarding Christian Cross Memorial
7.28.2006 U.S. and Louisiana Human Rights Record Strongly Condemned by Leading International Body
7.18.2006 Open Letter Issued to Attorney General Foti on Long Overdue "Gretna Bridge Incident" Investigation
7.5.2006 ACLU Issues Open Letter to Sheriff Strain for Comments Made
6.29.2006 Court Finds Tangipahoa Parish School Board in Contempt; ACLU Declares Victory for Religious Freedom and Rule of Law
6.22.2006 Lafayette School Board Wrongfully Fired Teacher Over Her Exercise of Free Speech; ACLU Files Lawsuit
6.21.2006 ACLU supports getting tough on crime, while protecting our freedom
6.20.2006 ACLU of Louisiana Condemns U.S. for Failing to Uphold Human Rights
6.6.2006 Abandoned and Abused after Katrina, Orleans Parish Prison Inmate Files Suit Against Sheriff Marlin Gusman, Warden Cornel Hubert
6.6.2006 Open Letter Urging Veto of Abortion Ban Trigger Legislation SB
5.19.2006 The ACLU of Louisiana Issues a Demand Letter to Police Superintendent Regarding the Amount of Fees Charged for Second Line Parades in New Orleans
4.6.2006 ACLU Calls for the Release of Racial Profiling and Use of Force Documents
3.21.2006 ACLU Applauds Denham Springs High School
3.1.2006 ACLU Publishes Voters' Guide for Orleans Parish Elections on April 22 and May 20, 2006
2.10.2006 ACLU of Louisiana Formally Requests Investigation into Gretna Bridge
2.8.2006 Legislature Encouraged To Protect Right To Vote In Post Disaster Times
1.25.2006 ACLU Supports FEMA's Protection of Privacy Rights
1.20.2006 Blocking of MS River bridge by Gretna PD raises serious constitutional