2006 Press Releases

2.8.2006: Legislature Encouraged To Protect Right To Vote In Post Disaster Times

ACLU Supports All Bills To That End

BATON ROUGE--The ACLU of Louisiana strongly supports the bills which are designed to make it easier for displaced Louisiana residents to vote, and commends this legislature for it work to protect the right to vote in these trying, post disaster times.  We understand that some questions have been raised about the security of some of these unique temporary voting solutions. While we support the bills as written, if they need to be amended to provide election security, we ask only that any amendments place the least restrictive procedures possible to ensure a fair and accurate vote. Let us not provide secure elections at the cost of discouraging voters.  Both the ACLU and this legislature recognize that the right to vote is one of our most cherished freedoms, and is indeed basic to our form of government. We are ready to work with our elected representatives to ensure fair and free elections where no voter is deterred by either displacement or cumbersome procedures. 

The bills are Voting absentee the first time:

HB 12, Jefferson,

HB 30, Marchand:

HB 67, Richmond:

SB 16, Jones:

HB 13, Jefferson, Uses the procedure for military voters for displaced
voters: http://www.legis.state.la.us/billdata/streamdocument.asp?did=331960

And, the bills to let displaced Orleans voters vote at the registrar of voters in any parish in the state:

HB 14, Jefferson:

HB 63, Richmond:

HB 64, LaFonta:

HB65, LaFonta:


HB 66, Richmond: